Belgium is steadfastly committed to enhancing its national security and defence capabilities, in alignment with the vital mission of safeguarding the nation and contributing to global stability. Recognising the importance of collaboration and synergy, Belgium’s defence strategy underscores the integration of efforts within the framework of the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), as well as through bilateral and multilateral partnerships. This strategy aims to make a robust and equitable contribution through a diverse spectrum of civilian and military instruments.

In pursuit of a stronger European defence and as a pivotal supporter within NATO, Belgium is dedicated to fortifying the EU as a credible security partner. This commitment involves addressing capability gaps at the European level and harmonising national capabilities with European partners, thereby enhancing cooperative defence mechanisms. A key aspect of this strategy is the advocacy for shared development and use of defence technologies and systems among EU Member States, which is crucial for operational harmony and efficiency.

Belgium’s vision extends to fostering a strong and effective Defence Technological and Industrial Base (DTIB) within Europe. This initiative not only supports the goal of European strategic autonomy in defence but also positions Belgium as a key contributor to the continent’s security architecture. It emphasises the development of a performant Belgian DTIB, integrated within the broader European context, to ensure national and collective defence readiness and sovereignty.

The adoption of a comprehensive Defence, Industry and Research Strategy (DIRS) is more pertinent than ever. This strategy aligns with international treaties, the EU’s strategic directives for security and defence, national security strategies, and broader EU industrial and recovery plans. Belgium’s approach is a testament to its commitment to contributing to a secure, stable, and prosperous future, both for its citizens and as part of the global community.

The DIRS aims at developing and consolidating a Belgian Defence Technological and Industrial Base that:

  • contributes to supporting the national security and defence policy and strengthening the EU’s open strategic autonomy;
  • positions Belgium as a relevant, reliable and competitive technological partner in European and trans-Atlantic capability development;
  • guarantees the degree of national autonomy required in critical fields as regards scientific research, technological expertise and industrial capacity;
  • generates the necessary economic and social return in the form of knowledge, technology and employment.

In order to sustainably strengthen the Belgian DTIB, concrete supporting actions will be developed in the following policy areas: inform stakeholders, facilitate and support the partnership between the government, companies, knowledge and educational institutions and research centres, optimal management to create value chains as well as protecting and anchoring the economic and social potential in the form of knowledge, technology and employment.