European Defence Fund (EDF) – EU Defence Innovation Scheme (EUDIS)

What is EUDIS?

The EU Defence Innovation Scheme (EUDIS), as a part of the European Defence Fund, offers a set of instruments to ensure more opportunities to access the European Defence Fund and to strengthen defence innovation in the European Union.
It aims to lower entry barriers into the defence domain for smaller players and innovators, focusing on technological readiness and market maturity.
EUDIS aims to support innovators throughout the development cycle to mature, scale-up, demonstrate their use-case, grow and successfully enter the market.

Who can apply?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including start-ups, and other non-traditional players in the defence industrial ecosystem.

How to apply?

  • Participate in hackathons (starting from spring 2024)
  • Organise or participate in technological challenges
  • Benefit from Innovation Test Hubs to distribute cascade funding grants to SMEs or start-ups
  • Participate in spin-in calls: migrate results from civil EU-funded R&D programmes to the defence sector
  • Apply to the Defence Equity Facility
  • Take part in open SME and disruptive technologies calls
  • Benefit from business coaching

National focal points (NFPs) support and facilitate the implementation of the EDF, including EUDIS.
The Belgian NFP is the Federal Public Service for Economy:

Selection process

Each EUDIS initiative is subject to a specific selection procedure.

Current calls

EUDIS Hackaton 2024 (29 May – 2 June 2024) – Registration deadline: 19 May 2024

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